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A Letter From My Great Aunt Vera to my Dad

October 8th

L/C P2 H V Shelton-Palmer (no. 13144)

(Ex. POW Jakori Camp, Thailand)

c/o PO Box 164 London EC1


My Dear Old Hugh 

What a joy and blessing to think you are free at last. Its grand old chap and we are all so pleased. Many thanks for your letter and cable. Now we are hoping to see Dad, Uncle Vivian and yourself, also Edgar, but the others my dear have gone. I don't know if you will have heard it yet but dear Mum died in the camp at Singapore on Sept: (we don't know the exact date) 1944 from TB, the Japs say, and poor Uncle Hilary died at the hands of the Japs in Singapore on October 26th 1944. He had a terrible death but we will tell you more later. Please don't mention this in your letters or in front of Auntie Pat as she does not know how he died.

Its all too too terrible old chap but you know having been out there in those devils hands. Dear old Lucas if only he could have been spared. Never mind old man you and Betty must now try to help Dad and look after him for Mother's sake.

Auntie Googie has been home 2 years living with us here but has just gone to the cottage, Worthing to get it all ready for you all. Edgar has been POW in N. Japan all this time but we are very worried about Pat Harrison no word from his as yet. Where and when did you hear of him last. Let us know all details of his camp and illness as best you can as then the Red X may be able to trace something about him. He may be lying ill somewhere in Thailand so please do let us know if you can by cable or air mail. We also would be grateful if you make inquiries your end. 

Well Hugh we do so look forward to seeing you, Peter, Molly, Diana and Michael are dying to see you and Edgar and hear your stories. Take care of yourself and don't over eat! Betty and Auntie May should be home soon now. 

Our love to you and we are so pleased you are safe and free at last. 

Yours Auntie Vera. 

P.S.  Aunt Betty died 2 years ago.