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Pre-War Malaya

There is no "story" as such, my father never said a word to me. Almost everything else came from my mother. My mother passed away some years ago. Some of what appears below is hearsay, so much time has passed since the events took place some of the information may well be unreliable. Sadly we do not have a lot to say its just bits and pieces that give you a feel for the situation they were all in.

What he and his family went through on a day to day basis we will never know.

In pre war Malaya my family were rubber planters working I think for one of the larger companies that existed at the time. I have a letter addressed to my father with a hard to read address which I think is Weasyington Estate, Rengan, Jahore.

My father and his brother were educated in England at Hurstpierpoint College. From the school reports I remember seeing, but are now lost, his academic achievements were not so good, but he did very well in sports! (That sounds like a familiar story!) The family home in England was Worthing in Sussex.

I know for certain that he played Rugby in Malaya and had a collection of trophy's that were buried before the war and lost forever.


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